A Parents Support Group is established in each Centre and they liaise with the Management of the Centres and provide peer counseling to new parents who may need such services.

1. Who are we?
The Parents Support Group(PSG) is a group of parents who have children with Down Syndrome

2. What do we do?
The PSG act as a support group for parents and families who have individuals or children with Down Syndrome. We counsel families, organize activities, talks, family gathering and special meetings to plan and handle issues related to Down Syndrome.

3. Why Join the PSG?
Down Syndrome is the most common chromosome abnormality that affects all ethnic groups irrespective of socio-economic standing or nationality. Parents and families of individuals with Down Syndrome need support.

As a group, we can be more organized in assisting such parents and families by counseling, contributing through organizing activities and sharing our experiences. We can also look into training and education for such individuals. We can also act as a united voice in requesting for specific rights and benefits for Down Syndrome individuals from local Councils and the Government.

Office Bearers – 2018 -2019

President: Pn Shahbina Khurshid
Vice President: En Reza Murad Ali
Secretary: Mr Eric Ng Eng Chong
Treasurer: Ms Marites Collantes

Committee Members:
Pn Adlina Mohamed Kami
Pn Aishah Ma
Pn Norzalima Ghazal
Pn Marhaliza Mohd Shaari
Pn Masropah Siyam
Pn Siti Afida Ahmad