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Founded in 1989 by members of the Kiwanis Club of Kuala Lumpur, the Centre has since educated more than 2000 children with Down Syndrome. The Centre premise in Taman SEA was built in 2004/2005 and currently accommodates 130 students with a teaching force of 20 persons, including 5 Therapists.

We focus on providing Early Intervention Programme (EIP) and In-house professional therapies such as, Sensory Integration Intervention, Autism Movement Therapy, RMTi (Rythmic Movement Training), & WST (Water Specific Therapy) for young children with Down Syndrome. All these programmes are provided at a heavily subsided rate to the students. For students who are from lower income families there are avenues for fees appeal. The Foundation’s main stand is to ensure every child with Down Syndrome is provided with education.

Since the Movement Control Order was imposed by the Malaysian Government on 18 March 2020, teaching of students and counselling of Parents have shifted online. All our face-to-face group teaching (pre-MCO) have been suspended. When we resume one-to-one sessions for students (in August 2020) stringent SOPs will be implemented and followed.

The KDSF National Centre requires at least RM1.5 million annually to operate. The lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the Centre tremendously. In this trying time, donations to the Centre has lessened considerably. Fundraising and adequate funding is therefore a great challenge for us. It is our sincere hope to obtain sufficient support from sponsors and donors so that we are able to continue with our cause for children with Down Syndrome for many years to come.

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