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The Kiwanis Club of Melaka (in association with KDSF) set up KDSF Melaka Centre in 1999. The Centre operates from a JKR Government Bungalow house. Currently they have more than 26 students and 3 teachers.

KDSF Melaka Centre provides Early Intervention Programme (EIP) (for children aged 2 months – 6 years old).

Students attending the programme in KDSF Melaka Centre pay a heavily subsidized fees which is not sufficient to sustain the operations of the Centre. KDSF Melaka Centre depends solely on public donations and the support by the Kiwanis Club of Melaka.

Since the Movement Control Order was imposed by the Malaysian Government on 18 March 2020, teaching of students and counselling of Parents have shifted online. All our face-to-face group teaching (pre-MCO) have been suspended. When school resumes stringent SOPs will be implemented and followed.

The lockdown as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the Centre tremendously. In this trying time, donations to the Centre has lessened considerably. Fundraising and adequate funding is therefore a great challenge for us. It is our sincere hope to obtain sufficient support from sponsors and donors so that we are able to continue with our cause for children with Down Syndrome for many years to come.