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The Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation (KDSF) was formed in 1990 to be the umbrella body that represents all autonomously run Kiwanis Down Syndrome Centres in various parts of Malaysia, namely the National Centre, Johor Bahru Centre, Klang Centre, Melaka Centre and Kulai Centre. KDSF is a tax-exempt foundation, whose functions include overseeing the effective implementation of the Early Intervention Programme (EIP) at each centre, continuously upgrading and improving the programme to meet current needs, provide training and development to teachers and therapists from all centres and to create better public awareness on Down Syndrome.

These services that the KDSF provides to all its centres form the basis upon which each centre builds and manages their respective centre, to serve children with Down Syndrome in their crucial early years of development. KDSF achieves all this through public donations and the funds are mostly spent on the education programme, training and development, and the foundation administrative expenses.