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April and May were the months for Sports Day in the Centres of Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation. Johor Baru Centre held their Sports Day on 25th April, Melaka Centre had theirs on 9th May, the National Centre’s Sports Day was on 16th May and┬áSeremban Centre held its Sports Day on 24th May 2015.

Like any typical kindergarten Sports Day is organized every or every other year at the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation. The objectives of organizing Sports Day in the KDSF Centres are to teach the students to play together as a team, adhere to turn taking and to instill the concept of team spirit. The children also learn the idea of competitive play, about winning and losing. Their gross and fine motor skills are reinforced during the different events of the Sports Day.

Besides events for the students of the Centres, siblings and parents telematches are organized too. The Sports Day also provide opportunities for the families of the students to interact together and strengthen family ties.

While Seremban Centre and Melaka Centre held their Sports Day at their own centre’s compound, the National Centre had to borrow the compound of one of the nearby primary schools.

Melaka Centre’s Sports Day – May 9th

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Seremban Centre’s Sports Day – May 24th

Sban sports 24 May 4 Sban sports 24 May 1

Sban sports 24 May 2 Sban sports 24 May 3

┬áNational Centre’s Sports Day – May 16th

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