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On April 20th 2015,  a total of 26 children from Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation (KDSF) National Centre were invited by EMS Entertainment, to visit the Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live, located at Avenue K.  This is   a fun-filled, educational adventure back in time to the Mesozoic era.

Our trip to Dinoscovery, at Avenue K began with a LRT ride from the Kelana LRT station. Our students behaved very well, way beyond our expectations. They managed to walk by themselves all the way and up the escalator with little help from the teachers. None of them needed to be carried by the teachers. Except for one or two students who found the noise in the train a little disturbing, the rest enjoyed the ride and also the view outside the train.

DSCN0271 DSCN0264 DSCN0288 DSCN0284 DSCN0318

Once they reached Dinoscovery they had some “ice-breaking” activities planned by the teachers. This is to get them used to the dark environment; some students were taken to watch a short 3D documentary about dinosaurs, try their skills at excavating for fossils in a sand pit and also do some coloring while waiting for their turn to go into the Dino Quest Trail.

DSCN0368 DSCN0439

Once in the Dino Trail a few boys were brave enough to try the Rock Climbing. Some students dared to touch the dinosaurs and they all challenged a Gallimimus on a 10-metre race track at Race A Theropod. Although a few of them were afraid of the dinosaurs but with the teachers’ guidance and coaxing they all managed to finish the trail.

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The teachers’ preparation with a Social Story before the excursion was one of the main reasons that the children can regulate themselves to the different environment and activities. The teachers simulated the LRT rides and showed them pictures of the train tracks, exposed them to loud dinosaurs roaring sounds, showed them videos of fierce dinosaurs in the dark AV room. Therefore we have to credit the teachers for a job well done. (Telling a Social Story before an unusual event is a good way to prepare the children.)

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The children all had their meal at Dinoscovery before taking the bus back to the centre. They were all tried out after the enjoyable and interesting day. Some took a nap in the bus.