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Graduations, Concerts and Anniversary

National Centre

The Centre is quiet and silent. The furniture in the classrooms are neatly stacked. School is out and yes, the students are all away on holidays. It is the year-end break. However the school closed with a bang at the National Centre.

This year being the Centre’s 25th Anniversary, the Annual Graduation and Concert were celebrated in style. Sponsors and donors were invited to a special Anniversary Luncheon and they were entertained with performances by the students.

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The event started with the Graduation ceremony, a difference from the previous years. The graduates are the star of the event hence we want them to have the limelight. A total of 20 students graduated this year.

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Toddler’s Class children performing the “Barbie Swan Lake”

The theme for this year’s concert was “Disney World”. A backdrop encompassing different Disney characters was designed and creatively drawn by the teachers of the KDSF-National Centre. Students from the Toddler’s class (2+ years old) up to 6 years old performed a total of 6 dances to tunes from Disney movies.

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight dancers, children from the Violet Class – aged 4 years old.

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The 5 and 6 years old performing to the tune of Hey Mickey, Let It Go and How Does She know from Enchanted.

Seremban Centre

The Seremban Centre also had a Graduation ceremony for Anas Irdina Damia bte Anuar. Although the Centre had only one graduate, the atmosphere was just as important  and eventful.

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