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First Day of School – 2020

After more than a month of holiday, school is finally resuming today, 2nd January 2020.

First day of school marks a great milestone for both parents and children. Most of the parents arrive quite early to help their child to adjust and adapt.

Some of the parents are seen to be having mixed emotions. Many of them are excited while some were seen to be quite anxious.

Teachers are extremely happy to see the students. Teachers started preparing a week before school starts to ensure they could provide the best for the students.  

Most of the students, especially the 5 and 6 years old students, are excited and able to settle in quickly. However some of the younger ones are seen to be crying. Asking for a private cuddle or special handshake from their parents/ caregiver before joining the group is also not uncommon among the students . This scenario is similar to what usually happens during the first few days of school at any typical primary school and kindergarten.

However, almost all of them are so happy and excited when they saw their parents when class ends.