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CalltheFireman 01

Call the Fireman

“Call the Fireman”, that was the thematic topic for the months of May & June. The students were introduce to – what is a Fireman, what do Fireman do and who do we call when there is a fire.

Once again we invited the Firemen to KDSF-National Centre to demonstrate how to put off the fire and how the firemen rescue victims in a fire. The students from the Toddler Programme right to the 6 years old in the Special Education Programme enjoyed themselves by interacting with the Firemen, going up the fire truck, trying out the water hose and role-playing with the firemen.

The Firemen from the Bandar Damansara SS2 Branch were very friendly with the children. They showed their “fire suit” and let the children try them on. Some of the children were shy initially but once they had the suit on they were excited although the suit was too large and heavy for them.




First the children role-played putting out the fire, then they had the chance to try the real hose from the fire truck. The firemen then helped the children into the truck and let them try out the different sirens.

The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The Firemen were pleased that they managed to educate the children besides entertaining them. A big thank you to all the Firemen from all of us in KDSF-National Centre.