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Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation

2019 Graduation

On the 16th of November 2019, KDSF-NC held their graduation ceremony. Similar to previous years, the graduation ceremony took place at the Kiwanis Hall. The ceremony began at 9 am and ended around 12.30pm. There were a total of 17 graduates. All of the graduates and especially the parents were so excited.

Asyer Aariz Mohd Affandi, one of our graduates, presented the welcome speech. The Opening Act by the graduates soon followed after the welcome speech. Other performances included Goldilocks and The 3 Bears, The Ginger Breadman and The Enormous Turnip. Students from SRP 1 (5 years old) also join the performances. 

Opening speech by Asyer
Opening speech by Asyer

Everyone was extremely proud of the graduates. All the teachers wrote their wishes on a piece of “leaf”and hung it on the wishing trees.

Wishes from teachers
Wishes from teachers – hoping all the graduates a healthy, happy and bright future.